PROPERTY TAX LEGAL SECRETARY N. DALLAS $65k -$70k <back to categories >
JOB TYPE Permanent
RECRUITER Shayna Shalet
CONTACT OFFICE Babich & Associates (Dallas)
6030 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas TX 75206-5428
CONTACT PHONE 214-823-9999

The process from the beginning of a case to the end, is generally the same on all cases and will typically run anywhere from two months (for cases that settle) to a year.  Most of their legal assistant work requires the use of templates for pleadings, motions, discovery, etc., e-filing and keeping their attorney’s calendar/docket up to date at all times.  Unlike commercial litigation where a practice may have a moderate number of large cases, their case files are very small but they have a tremendous volume.  Because there are so many cases for each attorney and legal assistant to handle, attention to detail and organization is essential.  You must be proactive and manage their attorney’s docket effectively, making sure their attorney is where he/she needs to be every day.  You must be able to follow up, follow up, follow up and not be shy about reminding their attorney (repeatedly, if necessary) of deadlines and getting essential documents and answers from the attorney when they are not responsive.  If you have 3+ years of Litigation Legal experience and stable work history, please email your resume to and follow-up with a phone call to 214-515-7603.