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  • One of the Most Successful Recruiting Firms in Texas.
  • One of the Most Successful Recruiting Firms in Texas.

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The Hiring Line -
Expanded Chapters from 100,000 Successful Hires

What to Look for and Where to Find Good Candidates
Worst Places and Times to Interview
Who Should Interview?
Initial Interviews
The Most Common Lip Loads that Kill a Good Interview
The Most Common Cognitive Traps in Interviewing and Hiring
Benefits of the (Initial) Structured Interview
Questions and Outline of the Structured Initial Interview
Why People Get Hired
Some of the Myths of Hiring
The New Normal of Interviewing and Hiring
The Invisible Gorilla and Your Interviewing Skill
Fearful Hiring - Part I
Fearful Hiring - Part II
The Recruitable Position and the Recruited Candidate
Previous Employment References | Credit and Arrest Records
Making an Offer
Your New Employee
'Til Their Butt's in the Chair
Why Good People Leave Good Jobs
Firing Folks
Project Hiring, Staffing, and Management - The Big 3 Mistakes
Why So Many Jobs?
The COVID-19 Hiring Hangover


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Telephone: 214.823.9999
Fax: 214.823.9430
Email: jobs@babich.com

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